Ziggle Colour Changing Umbrella – Review

Ziggle colour changing umbrella review

I recently met Nicole from Ziggle at Blog On. Whilst she had and array of lovely baby gear it was her colour changing umbrellas that really caught my eye.

My kids absolutely love the rain and are quite happy stomping around to find the next muddy puddle. My eldest has always worn his hood but my 3 year old prefers to use an umbrella. The fact that the Ziggle umbrella changes colour in the rain well what a fantastic sensory feature.

Ziggle colour changing umbrella review

Nicole kindly gifted me the Whale Colour Changing Umbrella in exchange for my honest review.

Ziggle colour changing umbrella review


The umbrella is good quality material that will definitely hold up to a bit of a battering in the wind. The handle is also sturdy but without being heavy so perfect for little hands. It is a great size for both my 3 & 5 year old.

It is really easy to open and close and so far we have got on really well with it.

Changes colour!

So the best feature of this particular umbrella is the fact that when wet it changes colour. In the picture below you can see the white above the waves and the white splashes above the whales head and tail. These are the areas that change colour.

Ziggle colour changing umbrella review

As it begins to rain you can see the colour changing on the picture below where the rain drops have fallen.

Ziggle colour changing umbrella review

My son thought this was amazing and loved rubbing the water across to see the colour change.

Ziggle colour changing umbrella review

I showed my nieces how the colour changes on the umbrella to much amazement. The eldest announced with much delight ‘Auntie Jade has a magic umbrella, it is real magic’!

Ziggle colour changing umbrella review

As the umbrella is drenched in the rain the colour changes completely. See the blue above the green waves below.

Ziggle colour changing umbrella review

Value for money

The umbrella is £13.99 which is a very reasonable price considering the quality. Most sturdy kids umbrellas are this price. I also think this is an umbrella that most children will enjoy using.

As it is a special umbrella with the ability to change colour I think it makes a really nice gift.


Ziggle is an award winning company that has a collection of bibs, hats, socks, swaddles, sleepsuits, leggings, muslins, blankets, umbrellas and raincoats.

Nicole stared Ziggle 7 years ago when she made her daughter a baby grow with a zip instead of poppers.

As an attendee of Blog On I was also gifted one of Ziggle’s award winning dribble bibs. It is a beautifully soft material with a lovely pattern of balloons, very fitting for me as we have hundreds of balloons over our house travelling from Bristol to Bath every summer.

Ziggle review

I wish I had come across Ziggle when the kids were little, my two were both very dribbly babies. But it is handy to know a great quality company with lovely products for gifts.

Ziggle Bib

You can find out more about Ziggle and their products over on their website – www.ziggle.co.uk

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  1. 2nd June 2019 / 6:19 pm

    Oh wow! That umbrella is awesome! I’m definitely checking out Ziggle.

    • admin
      2nd June 2019 / 6:53 pm

      They do have some fab stuff xx

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