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Yoto player

The Yoto player is an audio player designed for young children that plays stories, music and activities. As a Good Play Guide Ambassador I was gifted the Yoto audio player, all words and opinions are my own.

Yoto plater starter kit

The Yoto Starter Pack

The Yoto starter pack includes the player, a docking station, a quick guide, and 7 Yoto cards including an audio welcome guide. It was really straightforward being able to insert the welcome card and have the audio guide to help familiarise us with the player. When setting up you also download the Yoto player app which downloads the cards onto the app so you can play via the app or the card.

Yoto is really easy for the kids to use, simply insert the card you want to play and it plays. Take it out and the audio stops. The cards feel pretty durable and so far so good with the boys who are fairly heavy handed.

Yoto cards

Yoto Features

The set came with a nice variety of cards including stories, music and podcasts. The boys really like the sound effects card for crackling fire. I have to say I didn’t see the point of a sound effect card but it has been a winner with the kids! I think what makes the player special is the pixel screen on the front which displays relevant pictures when the card is playing.

Another great feature is the player can be used as a nightlight. When not playing and on the display shows the time with a weather icon. You can also access Yoto radio and a free daily podcast via the player.

You can use the ‘make your own card’ to add your own audio, this is pretty easily done using the app. Its nice to be able to add favourite songs to a card for the boys to play.

My First 100 Words by Yoto 

Included in the starter pack is the activity card ‘my first 100 words’. This is great its like having flashcards for the kids with words including animals, body parts, food, vehicles and emotions. The player is displaying a picture to match the audio which is a great visual aid. This is a lovely way for my eldest (non speaking) to interact with words without the pressure of us doing it with him. My youngest loves that he can use it in five different languages – French, German, Spanish, Italian and English. I really like this as a way to support the boys with communication whilst having fun.

I think the Yoto player would make a great gift for youngsters. You can get the Yoto Player from the Good Play Guide and other major retailers such as Amazon.

Yoto player
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