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A little while ago I reviewed the Yoto audio player for kids. With two autistic kids it can take a little while for them to warm up to new things so I wanted to share that the Yoto player is now an daily staple in our house. Every day when we come downstairs my 7 year old goes straight to the Yoto player to listen to his favourite stories before school.

Yoto very kindly gifted us some Yoto cards with the boys favourite characters including Thomas the Tank Engine, Peppa Pig, the Gruffalo and other Julia Donaldson stories. I think it has been really helpful for the boys to be able to play familiar stories.

julia donaldson yoto cards

It is lovely watching my son reading along his favourite stories and selecting what he wants to play even if its the same stories over and over!

Visual audio player

Communication is difficult for both my boys and having visual information is really important. This is where the Yoto display is so helpful. When not playing the screen is a digital clock and in the evening it displays the moon and the sun in the day. This can be really helpful when reminding the boys its bedtime. My youngest will often get up very early and he has started to accept that it is still bedtime if the moon is showing which is definetly a win for me!

When a card is being played the display will be showing relevant pictures. The kids have definetly engaged with the pictures especially when seeing familiar characters. The cards are also really colourful, engaging and clear visual what it is making it easy for the kids to choose what they want to play.

I have to be honest I was worried if the cards and player would stand up to my kids rough play but I have been pleasantly surprised. The cards have been very sturdy and the player has been knocked / dropped etc and so far so good.

If you are looking for a birthday gift for your kids I would definetly recommend a Yoto player.

Yoto player starter pack is available on amazon.

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