Neuro-Disco-Corn at Bristol Unicornfest

Neuro-Disco-Corn at Bristol Unicornfest

Have you started Unicorn hunting yet! Bristol Summers are all about the art trails. I have happy memories from the Shaun the Sheep and Gromit Unleashed trails! For the Summer of 2023 the city will be full of unicorns to find. My eldest likes collecting things, so being able to find all the unicorns and collect the stickers on the app is great fun.

So far we have only seen a couple of unicorns but we are excited to find them all over the summer holidays. I am really pleased to let you know that there is a neurodiverse unicorn!

Neuro-Disco-Corn is the unicorn sculpture sponsored by BNS, a property services company based in Downend and it is now installed on the Clifton Suspension Bridge – outside the Visitor Centre on the edge of Leigh Woods.

This unicorn is adorned with glimmering disco ball tiles. But what makes this sculpture even more extraordinary are the heartfelt messages it carries, contributed by neurodiverse individuals sharing their own personal experiences.

“I’m really hoping that people of all backgrounds, experience and stages of life will take something from seeing Neuro-Disco-Corn, as there are honest quotes from myself and many people on there. Neurodiversity and mental health challenges is something that I’ve dealt with for decades, and despite the unicorn being the shiniest happiest creature, I’ve also been in the darkest places. That’s why the message “Find the glimmers” came into the design while I was working on the unicorn, because glimmers are the opposite of triggers. They’re very personal to you – i.e. smells, certain music, being in water – anything to take you out of the triggered state. Finding “glimmers” can be helpful for people struggling with their non-typical brains, but also when there’s been trauma. So I hope it’s a helpful message to a huge range of people, and NDC brings you some hope when you need it. You can find affordable ‘takeaways’ in the visitor centre shop too, to remind you of your visit!” Artist and Neuro-Disco-Corn creator, Kazz Hollick

So whilst you are enjoying Unicornfest this year make sure you take the time to check out Neuro-Disco-Corn.

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  1. 19th July 2023 / 10:41 am

    Thank you for sharing about Neuro-disco-corn! They’re very excited to meet you all 💖
    The Clifton Bridge visitor centre have also done a lovely display where people can add their own experiences, and they have a really lovely manager who is more than happy to open at different times so that you can visit with no public around. They’ve got a really helpful access guide too which you can find via my Unicorn Fest page :


    • admin
      19th July 2023 / 12:32 pm

      Fab thank Kate we will make sure to check out the display at the visitor centre when we get up there too. Thank you for the amazing work to bring Neuro-Disco-Corn to life

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