10 TV Shows About Autism in the UK

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At the end of the day if I finally get a moment to myself I love to watch something interesting and entertaining on the telly.  Thankfully autism is beginning to be better represented on TV, there is still a way to go but it’s a start.

As we all know everyone who is autistic is different so any characters on TV will not accurately reflect the whole spectrum but some do a good job at highlighting differences. Here are some tv shows about autism or with autistic characters that I would recommend.

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Drama TV Shows About Autism

A Typical

This is probably my favourite at the moment.  The show is centred around Sam (played by Keir Gilchrist) a 19 year old on the autism spectrum and his family.  The first two seasons Sam is at school and searching for love and independence.  Season 3 Sam starts college and has to adjust to all the changes that it brings.  The characters in this show are brilliant and you will be laughing and crying at this one.  Available on Netflix.

The Good Doctor

Shaun (played by Freddie Highmore) is a young doctor with autism, he displays savant skills. The show follows Shaun and his colleagues at the hospital as they treat patients.  Shaun has particular difficulties with social communication and the show follows his struggles with interaction. Available on Sky Witness.

The A Word

A family drama which follows the diagnosis autism of 5 year old Joe (played by Max Vento).  This is a BBC drama available on iPlayer.


There She Goes

Comedy drama that shines a light on the day-to-day life of a family looking after their learning disabled daughter Rosie. Whilst Rosie is not diagnosed as Autistic it is a good portrayal of life with a disabled family member. Available from the BBC.

Children’s TV Shows About Autism

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Pablo on CBeebies


Pablo (played by Jake Williamson) is a lovely Children’s television series about a 5 year old on the autism spectrum.  Using his magic crayons Pablo draws his imaginary friends who then come to life.  They go on adventures and help him when he is anxious about situations.  I think it is a great show to teach young children about differences and anxiety, my niece is a big fan. Available on CBeebies.

Sesame Street

You will probably be familiar with Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters from your youth but you may not be familiar with Julia.  Julia (voiced by Stacey Gordon) joined the gang in 2017, a 4 year old girl on the autism spectrum. Some episodes pre-Julia are currently available on Amazon Prime.

Autism in the UK Soaps

If you are a soap fan you might be interested in these two.


A current storyline in Eastenders on BBC One is following the recent autism diagnosis of Ollie Carter.



In 2018 autistic actress Talia Grant joined the cast of Hollyoaks as Brooke Hathaway an autistic teenager. Hollyoaks is available on All 4.

Documentaries About Autism

Extreme Love with Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux visits schools for autistic students in America and interviews students and their families.  An interesting show if you like Louis Theroux and his style (some probably won’t) and maybe some difference in language we use in the UK / US but still a good watch. Available on BBC I Player.

Chris Packham: Asperger’s And Me

This is an excellent documentary about Chris Packham. A very honest and interesting account of life with Asperger’s and how social difficulties can impact relationships. A BBC production currently unavailable on IPLayer.

The Autistic Gardener

This one I haven’t watched myself but my mum and sister are fans (I’m not a gardener myself).  Award winning gardener Alan Gardner credits his success to autism.  The show follows him working with other autistic adults with a keen interest in gardening.  They then work their magic to transform gardens.  Available on All 4

I appreciate not all of these shows are currently availabe. However I wanted to mention them as they will likely become available at some point.

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You may also be interested in a recent documentary featuring Katie Price and her son Harvey on the BBC – Harvey & Me.

So what shows have I missed, let me know your favourite TV shows about autism in the comments.

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  1. 19th December 2019 / 3:47 pm

    Wow, this is super helpful Jade! Knew about many of these but not all of them, and great to have the details all in one place! Thank you!:-)

  2. 7th January 2020 / 2:07 pm

    A few of these I’d heard of but I’ll confess to not having seen any. Good not only for those on the spectrum to see people like themselves represented on television but also for the rest of us to gain better understanding #KCACOLS

    • admin
      7th January 2020 / 2:08 pm

      Absolutely hopefully with the success of these shows. Representation of those on the spectrum on TV will increase in the future to. Thanks for reading x

  3. 9th January 2020 / 12:08 pm

    I’ve not seen any of these shows, but The Good Doctor is on my to watch list. Freddie Highmore does an amazing job from hat I have read about it!

    It’s so good autism is being represented on tv hopefully it will help bring awareness and change peoples perceptions #kcacols

    • admin
      9th January 2020 / 12:09 pm

      I hope so too. I really enjoy the good doctor well worth watching xx

  4. thisiswhereitis at
    9th January 2020 / 2:35 pm

    You have covered a wide selection of TV shows with autism. Louis theroux show was very insightful X #kcacols

    • admin
      9th January 2020 / 4:34 pm

      Thank you. I was thinking I would like to watch that one again as it was a while ago I saw it.

  5. A Rose Tinted World
    12th January 2020 / 10:35 am

    Some great choices here. We have watched Pablo together and think it is great to show little ones #KCACOLS

  6. 15th January 2020 / 11:27 pm

    Nice little list, thank you! I haven’t actually watched The Good Doctor or Atypical yet! I really liked The A Word, and Pablo is pretty great too 🙂 Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS, hope you come back again next time xx

    • admin
      15th January 2020 / 11:29 pm

      They are great programmes. Well worth watching if you ever find the time xx

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