Treasure X Aliens – The Alternative Easter Egg

Treasure X Aliens

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If you are looking for an alternative to chocolate Easter Eggs the Treasure X Alien Eggs may be a good option for you.

Treasure X Aliens
Treasure X Aliens

I was kindly gifted three Treasure X Alien Eggs in exchange for this honest review. All opinions are my own.

Treasure X Aliens – Alien Ooze Eggs

The Egg has a colourful hard plastic shell that pulls apart, this is just like a typical Easter egg and can easily be reused. Inside is a squishy alien egg.

Alternative Easter Eggs
The alternative Easter Eggs

My 6 year old is non-verbal but found it very easy to follow the visual instructions that were included inside and on the outer shell.

The instructions

Hatching the Alien

The squishy alien egg is very tactile, my sensory seeking son loved pulling and squeezing it as he tried to hatch the alien.

Stretching and squeezing

My son needed a little help to squeeze hard enough for it to explode. He thought it was brilliant as the Alien pops out covered in slime.

There are 12 different mini aliens to collect. My son checked the list and saw that we had hatched the aliens Flossoop, Tubor and Spiklops.

Squeezing the Treasure X Aliens
Squeezing the egg

Finding the Treasure

Also inside the egg is some treasure, my son delighted in searching the slime for it.

finding the treasure
Inside the egg

Each egg had a different treasure and we even found the Ultimate Treasure Gem, the Galactic Power Egg.

finding the treasure
Finding the treasure

We also found the Brain of Fortune and the Crystal Cell. Checking the photo of all the aliens and treasure my son was able to easily match which ones we had.

The Treasure

Ooze Eating Aliens

The best feature of the aliens is that they eat the slime! My son was absolutely fascinated by this and it kept him busy for ages.

Hoovering up the slime
Hoovering up the slime

If you squeeze the sides of the alien they suck up the ooze through their nose or mouth. Squeeze again and they can spit it back out. I was just as impressed with this as my son was and it makes a great play element.

Hoover up the slime
Hoovering up the slime


My son played with the aliens and the slime for ages and really enjoyed getting them to suck up the slime.

Slime play with Treasure X Aliens
Slime & Aliens

The ooze is a very slimy texture and as such great for pulling and squishing between your fingers. Great sensory play.

Slime Play with Treasure X Aliens
Slime play

Value for Money & Where to Buy

Treasure X Alien Eggs are available to buy from Smyths Toy Superstores.

At £4.99 I think they are great value, my son really enjoyed playing with the aliens and the slime. They make a great Easter gift and can easily be included in an Easter egg hunt. There are 12 different Treasure X Alien Eggs to collect.

I am not sure how long the slime will last but so far we have enjoyed playing with them for a few days. You can get the alien to suck up the slime and then put them back in the hard plastic shell.

There are also prizes to be won over at the Treasure X website.

Keep the Treasure X Aliens
The Alien filled with slime

Have you tried any Treasure X products yet? Do you know someone who might prefer an oozy egg this Easter?

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***3 Treasure X Alien Eggs were gifted to me in exchange for this honest review, all opinions are my own***

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