Lilly & Myles – The Torch

Lilly & Myles The Torch

I was very kindly sent a copy of Lilly & Myles The Torch to review – the picture book is written by Jon Roberts and illustrated by Hannah Rounding. A story of a young autistic girl and her assistance dog Myles exploring the seaside on a visit to Granny’s.

The story is inspired by Jon’s real life experiences with his daughter Kya. Jon Roberts and Hannah Rounding have produced several books together focused on celebrating diversity. Find out more over at Strawberry ASD.

I am always keen to read books that feature autistic children to my kids, my 9 year old autistic son really enjoyed this book. We had lots of giggling especially when the torch was clicking on and off!

A lovely book that helps to raise awareness of assistance dogs, autism and sensory processing differences. Also a very relatable book in many ways for our family. Little details such as how Lilly pulls the ‘scraps of paper’ out of all the draws felt very familiar. I particularly enjoyed the real focus on sensory processing, with wonderful descriptions of sensory joy as well as overwhelm.

Lilly & Myles The Torch

Beautiful detailed illustrations bringing us to the seaside, my son really enjoyed looking at the detail and finding things within the pictures. Big fans of the seaside here!

I am also looking forward to reading the book with my niece, a big frog fan who will be very pleased with Lilly’s boots.

I think this is a wonderful book for all children and I am sure it will raise lots of awareness around diversity. A perfect bedtime story for this summer. Published by Graffeg. Available for purchase on Amazon.

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