Sensory Game Play with Slimy Joe

Slimy Joe review
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I love a good games night but it can be hard to find games that we can enjoy as a family. I was keen to try out Slimy Joe as both my boys are into slime and I have been looking for ideas for Halloween and Half Term next week.

Ravensburger have kindly gifted us the Slimy Joe game so we can try it out and share our thoughts with you.

Slimy Joe review

The idea behind the game is that Slimy Joe is a carnivorous plant who has been eating the rare flutterbies. Each person takes turns to be the explorer to save as many flutterbies from the plant’s slimy mouth before it snaps shut.

Slimy Joe Contents

The game includes the Slimy Joe carnivorous plant which has a removable bowl and lid for the slime. You get a resealable bag of neon green slime. The slime is a great colour and very inviting for the kids.

Green Slime

It also includes an explorer figure in a stand and counters which are either flutterbies (little bugs) or leaves.


How to Play Slimy Joe

The game is really quick and easy to set up which is handy when your kids lose interest in anything not ready in seconds. You put the counters into the bowl.

Slimy Joe counters

Next cover with the slime and give the explorer figure to the person who is taking the first turn.

Slime bowl
a bowl of slime

There is a switch at the back of the plant, you need to slide this to start the game.

Slimy Joe Switch

The player then collects as many of the counters from the slime before Slimy Joe snaps shut.

Slimy Joe play
collecting counters

Each player takes turns and can count out how many flutterbies and or leaves they have collected to find the winner.

It is great to have an easy game with the slime sensory element which is a real motivator for my boys.


My boys aged 5 & 7 were really excited to try this one out. It is a really easy concept so as soon as they saw Daddy take a turn they understood what they needed to do.

I was a bit worried about the plant snapping on the kids hands and if it would upset them. But it is actually really gentle and the kids thought it was really funny.

It is a quick easy game perfect for younger kids and those with limited attention spans. My 5 year old wanted to play with the slime for a while afterwards which kept him happy and busy for ages.

The slime is really easy to clean up as it sticks to itself more than anything else. I was surprised how easy it was to get it back in the bag which seems to keep it really well so far.

It is lovely to have a game that both kids want to play and we can enjoy as a family.

Slimy Joe is suitable from age 4 and the RRP is £19.99 and available from a variety of games retailers.

Are your kids slime fans? What games will you be playing for Halloween this year?

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**Advertisement Feature - this post contains affiliate links**

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