Simple Science with Step by Step Visuals

Simple Science

Our first introduction to science should be all about fun.  I am a big fan of learning through play and using visuals to support independent learning.  My kids love ‘cause and effect’ activities and are fascinated when they see something exciting.  Having said that they are still young and have limited attention spans.  That’s where easy simple science experiments that are quick to do with household items are brilliant.

In my latest eBook I have pulled together our favourite easy science based activities and included step by step visual instructions.

Simple Science ebook
Simple Science eBook

Our favourite simple science activities

The eBook includes the following activities:

  • Dancing Raisins
  • Fluffy Paint
  • Handwashing
  • Colour run
  • Frozen escape
Frozen science
Melting ice
  • Colour mixing
  • Balloon Rocket
  • Skittles Rainbow
  • Static
  • Cornflour Gloop
  • Shadow Puppets
Shadow puppet
snail shadow puppet

The idea is to introduce your child to concepts such as liquids and solids, floating and sinking alongside static electricity and colour mixing. 

Static balloon
static electricity

It is designed to support visual learners who require step by step visual instructions.

Special Offer

As an introductory offer the eBook is available now for just £1.50 (soon to be £2.50).

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