Top 4 Autism Shorts

A great quick way to learn about autism is short video’s here are a selection of my favourites.

Inside our Autistic Minds

Did you catch Chris Packham’s latest documentary – Inside our Autistic Minds? I loved it, the show had four very different autistic people create video shorts to help highlight their experience. The best way to learn about autism is to listen to autistic people and I though this particular documentary really highlighted a variety of experiences genuinely driven by autistic voices. You can find the documentary on iPlayer please watch the clips on this link. I personally connected most to Murray’s film as I have a non speaking autistic son. Below is a clip from the show.

Amazing Things Videos

This is still my favourite short explainer and its kid friendly which is perfect:

Ambitious About Autism

This is a perfect video where young autistic people explain what autism is:

Sensory Overload

The National Autistic Society created this video to help us understand sensory overload:

Short videos are a great way to share information easily and help people understand autism better. Share your favourite autism shorts in the comments.

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    6th November 2023 / 8:49 am

    As an educator Life Skills Teacher (K-5), I really appreciate the information I have received

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