Free Autism Resources

Toilet Training with autism
Free Autism Resources

I wanted to pull together the free resources that I already have so they are easily accessible. I hope that you find something useful here and do let me know if you have ideas that you would like to see added in the future:

Therapy & Support

Finding therapy and support that helps your child is amazing here are some things that have helped us.

My quick guide to supporting challenging behaviour

challenging behaviour

The guide includes:

  • STAR behaviour analysis
  • Speech & language tips
  • Behaviour replacement suggestions
  • Visual aids ideas
  • Social stories tips

11 ways to support autistic children

About ASD. Autism Therapies at Home Autism resources

A 2 page flyer with 11 ways to support young autistic children at home or in school / nursery.

One Page Profile

Basic one page profile template. For more guidance see my post on one page profiles.

Home learning Timetable

timetable for lockdown with the kids

I created this home learning timetable to support us during the Covid-19 lock down but it will be equally useful in school holidays. You can download my timetable or a blank template.

Visual Aids

Visuals are so important for children that have communication difficulties.

Washing Hands poster girl

A4 Washing hands poster with a visual for each step.

Washing Hands Posters:

Toilet Visuals

Toilet Training with autism

This pack includes:

  • Doing a poo on the toilet
  • Doing a wee in the toilet
  • How to wash your hands
  • Visual aids
  • Picture Exchange Communication /PECS Cards

Bedtime Routine

Christmas Visuals

Christmas Day Visuals

This pack includes:

  • Social stories
  • PECS Cards
  • Visual aids

10 Green Bottles

Ten green bottles visual aid

A great way to give your kids a role as you are singing. They can pull the bottles off the wall as you sing 10 green bottles.

5 little monkeys

learn to count

Visual aid and words for 5 little monkeys nursery rhyme. Also available is 5 little ducks.

Pancakes step by step

Pancakes step by step

Step by step visual guide to making fluffy pancakes or classic thin pancakes.

Making a sandwich

Cooking with Kids

One page step by step visual guide to making a sandwich.

Blueberry Milkshake

Cooking with Kids

One page step by step visual to make blueberry milkshake.

Social Stories

For more information see my post on social stories.

Saying Hello

Social story about saying hello

Saying hello to our friends social story.

Visiting the Hairdressers

Seasonal stories

A very basic visual story to support Easter Egg Hunts.

Christmas Day

A visual story to support Christmas Day

If you like visual activities you may want to check out my attention building activity booklet.

Free Autism Resources
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    Thanks a lot for these useful resources.. you are really helpful.
    and as I get benefit from them I want to share with you a very helpful blog I have just read about understanding autism.. May it helps parents like what happened with me

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      19th July 2023 / 12:32 pm

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