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SEND in the experts

You may already know Georgina Durrant as the author of my favourite activities book: 100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play. Did you know that Georgina has a new Podcast – SEND in the experts, have you listed yet?

I don’t listen to many podcasts but I will certainly be listening to SEND in the experts. The Special Educational Needs podcast is hosted and produced by Georgina for Twinkl SEND. The first episode featuring Abigail Gray from Senworks went up to number 24 of the education podcasts in the U.K. according to Apple podcasts.

I am not surprised the podcast is already a success after just two episodes. Georgina has a naturally friendly manner and a wealth of experience in SEN. This helps her to easily create a great rapport with the guests so far.

Georgina Durrant

I have found both episodes really interesting and was just telling my husband who is a teacher that he really needs to have a listen. The second episode featured Catrina Lowri from Neuroteachers. I found this episode particularly interesting, for me the discussion around demand avoidance was really helpful.

I can’t wait to see what guests Georgina has in store for future episodes. SEND in the experts is a really easily accessible way to hear from SEND experts. I have certainly enjoyed listening and learnt a lot already.

Where can you listen to SEND in the experts?

The monthly Special Educational Needs podcast can be listened to on all podcast channels links are here: 

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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