Playmobil Water Park Review

Playmobil water park

Playmobil is becoming a firm favourite in our house and I think we hit the jackpot when we were sent the Playmobil Aqua Park for review. The Family Fun Water Park with Slides set combines Playmobil with water play – perfect for my sensory seekers.

Playmobil water park

Contents & Build

The set includes:

  • A fillable water pool
  • Two slides, one includes a trapdoor
  • Mother and child figures
  • Dive board
  • Rope Ladder

As with most larger Playmobil sets this does include a bit of building. The instructions are all visual so perfect for my non speaking son to follow. He did need some help with the build and to be honest as soon as the first slide was up both boys were playing straight away, so I did quite a bit of the building! It was lovely to see how excited they were to play with the slides. My youngest decided that the fish that I was trying to put as decorations needed to be enjoying the slides!

Playmobil Playtime

Even before we added any water the boys had so much fun just playing with the slides. One slide has a trapdoor with a lever which has honestly been so much fun for the kids. You can place the person over the trapdoor and use the giant fish head to move the lever sending them flying down the slide. It is such a great cause and effect toy, you can see it in action over on my Instagram page.

A real benefit is that there are two slides. Whilst its twice the fun it also meant the boys didn’t need to fight over who had the slide as they could both be playing with it at the same time.


Sensory Water Play

Those of you that follow the Autism Page will know how much we love sensory messy play. Water has to be one of the best sensory play experiences especially as we head into summer. So we love that the pool can be filled up with water. The way it is set up means that its fairly stable and not easy to get in (yes my youngest did try) so actually lends itself well to be played with using the characters and slides etc.

Playmobil water park

Between the rope ladder, dive board, pool, slides and trapdoor there is actually lots to keep the kids engaged with. My two are loving it, my eldest was quick to find his Playmobil boat and ice cream van to join the fun too.

I would really recommend this and think it would make a really nice set for children like mine who like to play more functionally. You can purchase from most retailers including Amazon.

Playmobil water park
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