Do you need the Play-Doh Home Protection Service?

Do you need the Play-Doh Home Protection Service?

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Ok Play-Doh fans what is the worst thing about Play-Doh? The mess right! No matter how many times I ask the kids to keep it on the table it always ends up squished into the floor! If you have the same problem then you might need the Play-Doh Home Protection Service.

As sensory seekers my kids need messy play regularly and quite frankly by this stage of the summer holidays I am exhausted so pulling out the Play-Doh is perfect for me to get 5 minutes peace.

Having said that my 5 minutes peace turns into 10 minutes cleaning up when they are done! Messy / Sensory play is a must for the boys and it really helps them to regulate but equally I dread it because I can’t stand mess. It puts me on edge watching where the little hands are going to squish the Play-Doh next.

This Summer Play-Doh have come up with a solution to this problem.

The Play-Doh Home Protection Service

The service is being trialled now and is available to families in England, Wales and Scotland. It is a theatrical, bookable service for families to have their homes well and truly “Play-Doh proofed”. There are already a few celebrity fans of the service including McFly’s Harry Judd, Ferne McCann, Candice Brathwaite and Sophie McCartney.

“We understand parents’ hesitancy to get Play-Doh out of the cupboard, and the headache it can create – especially with kids having spent more time at home than ever before – which is why we’re trialling the Home Protection Service in response to the findings; a scheme designed to take the stress out of creating mess and encouraging kids to unleash their creativity this summer”

Anne Leonhardi, Marketing Director for Hasbro North Europe

The full service includes:

  • A visit at your home from the fun Home Protection Service Team
  • Protection make over of your play area including protective flooring, aprons, play table & chairs.
  • Certification of your Play-Doh proof home
  • Play-Doh products to put the service to the test.

There is also the chance to get one of the limited edition Play-Doh Home Protection Service DIY Kits.

Be part of the trial

Do you need a visit from the Play-Doh Home Protection Service? If you do then you can apply to be part of the trial today. Who wouldn’t want to make Play-Doh time a bit more relaxing with no mess stress!

For your chance to receive a visit at home simply complete the form on the Play-Doh Home Protection Service website.

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