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MySenseBox is a monthly subscription service where you receive a box filled with sensory and craft activities. Abi, a special needs teaching assistant, had been creating boxes to go out to students at home over lockdown. They have been a great success so MySenseBox has been born.

I have been gifted a MySenseBox so I can share my experience with you, all words and opinions are my own.


I was really excited to get my MySenseBox in the post, a large parcel wrapped up in brown paper and tied with string with a lovely thank you attached. It already felt like a treat, then inside was a beautifully presented box tied with ribbon. The contents was wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap (which was quickly stolen by my son for some popping). The box was so well presented it would make a lovely gift.

What is in the box – contents

The box was filled with sensory toys and items we would need for the crafts along with an instruction flip book. Total contents of our Box:

  • Green Pain tube
  • Paint brush
  • Thinking Sand
  • Shaving foam
  • Food Colouring
  • Glitter
  • Craft Glue
  • Pompoms
  • Pegs
  • Googly eyes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Card
  • Water gun
  • Rainbow slinky
  • Bubbles
  • Worm / snake toy
  • Mini marble game
  • Light up spiky ball
Sensebox contents
Mysensebox contents

As you can see it was certainly full and easy to occupy both my boys with the contents.

Visual Instructions

Sensebox flip book

The box also contains a laminated flip book which included a recipe for edible paint which I still need to try out and instructions for four craft / sensory activities.

This is what really makes the box for me, for each activity there was a clear photo. This meant my non verbal 6 year old could easily see what we were doing.

It meant we could easily pick an activity to do with the kids and it was all ready to go straight away.

Sensory & Craft Activities

My understanding is each month the box will contain different sensory activities. Helpfully all the contents are detailed on the MySenseBox website so you can see what you are ordering.

Frozen Ocean

I often do messy play with foam but had never frozen it before so I was keen to try this one first. My 6 year old really enjoyed making up our ocean.

The frozen texture of the shaving foam was really interesting and very welcome as we played with it outside on a sunny day.

foam ocean
Frozen foam ocean

Paint Gun

It was a little fiddly to get the paint into the water gun but the instructions were really helpful and was well worth it. My 4 year old loved using the gun to paint his picture.

paint gun
paint spray

Peg Monsters

My husband did this craft activity with the boys. I really enjoyed seeing them do this together as its not the sort of thing my husband tends to do with the boys. The fact that everything was set up for them made it really easy.

Peg Monsters
Peg monsters

Bubble Wrap

My 6 year old is a big fan of bubble wrap but I wasn’t sure how he would take having it on his foot. I showed him the photo in the flip book and he was straight there standing on the bubble wrap! He absolutely loved this activity all that sensory feedback from the bubble wrap on his feet.

I love that the box has introduced us to some easy sensory activities that we can do again. There was plenty of the craft bits left over so we will easily be able to do all the activities again still using the box contents.

Bubble wrap painting
Bubble wrap painting

Sensory Toys

There are a number of great sensory toys in the box too. I have been using the slinky, bubbles and light up ball in our Attention Autism bucket which has gone down well.

Sensory toys
Sensory toys

The sand was very popular and will keep well so we can add it to our collection of sensory messy play box.

Thinking Sand
Sensory sand play

Brilliant value

I was so impressed with the MySenseBox, it is excellent value for money currently at £10.99 per month. As a busy parent it is so lovely to have activities set up, with photo and instructions ready to go.

Find out more or order your box over on the MySenseBox website:

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***I was gifted one MySenseBox in order to share our experience. All words and opinions are my own***

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