Mindful Lil Minds Breathing Meditation Buddy


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Anxiety is a big thing for both my boys and I am always looking for anything to help reduce stress. We have been trying out a great new toy from GP Flair, the Mindlful Lil Minds Breathing Meditation Buddy. It is perfect for building into a child’s wellness plan.

Mindful Lil Minds Koala

It is designed to help children become more present, offering them strategies to manage their emotions in stressful situations. I am keen to help my kids learn more calming techniques and the Koala has been great for focusing on deep breathing with them.

Mindful Lil Minds Koala

A Meditation Buddy

It is really simple to use, you just press the koala’s paw to begin a 5 minute guided breathing meditation. The fact that it is just 5 minutes means it is easier to keep the kids attention. My nieces were really excited to try meditating with a Koala along with my boys. I have to say I was pretty amazed all the kids lay down eye’s closed and relaxed!

The Koala defiently seems to have a calming and comforting quality which is great. My favourite feature is that the Koala’s tummy expands and retracts in time with the guided meditation. This has been really helpful with my eldest who is non speaking giving him a visual breathing guide. As the Koala tells you to breath in and out it’s belly rises and falls, a minor frustration for me was that the tummy pulls in when it says breath out. Having said that all the kids liked feeling the Koala’s tummy as it breathes in and out.

Sensory stress Relief

There are several great sensory aspects to the Mindful Lil Minds Meditation Buddy. One feature is that the belly is lightly scented with a scent of eucalyptus which has soothing aromatherapy properties. It is clearly been designed to help lower anxiety, the plush has a weighted bottom which helps to stimulate the proprioceptive sense providing better body awareness.

Whilst the bottom of the plush is weighted the arms and legs are floppy and the fur is lovely and soft making it really tactile and cuddly. My 8 year old has enjoyed sitting with the Koala on his lap listening to the guided breathing before school. It is really calming and a great way to start the day relaxed.

A great support for reducing anxiety and encouraging relaxation.

Out Now available online at Amazon and Very, & in store at your local independent stores

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