LEGO® Key lights and torch review

LEGO Key lights and torch review

LEGO® is one of our favourite toys, my non-verbal autistic 5 year old relies on visual instructions and this is something LEGO is excellent at. We have always used LEGO and DUPLO to support speech and language development and teaching methods at home like TEACCH and Attention Autism.

UK toy distributor Re:creation have kindly gifted us some LEGO key lights and an Emmet Torch in exchange for my review of the products. I feel that it is really important that we encourage children’s interests and use them to explore different things. So since LEGO is so popular in our house I jumped at the chance to review the LED torch and key lights.

LEGO Key Lights

The LEGO Key Lights come in a wide range of popular LEGO characters. We received Batman and Superman from the DC Comics Super Heroes range, Emmet and Captin Rex from LEGO Movie 2 and Nya from the LEGO NINJAGO Movie.


The torches went down a treat with the kids, I shared them out between my kids and my friend’s kids so we could try them out. The best bit was each child wanted a different character, bonus!

LEGO Key Lights Product details

  • Two CR2025 3V button-cell batteries (included)
  • 2 LED lights in feet
  • Key ring attached to top of figure
  • Poseable arms
  • Light angling legs
  • Not suitable for under 3s due to small parts
  • Height 7.5-8cm
  • SRP: £7.99
  • Age 6+

Poseable arms & light angling legs

Just like your regular LEGO minifigures the key lights are moveable. The movement in the legs and arms is the same and my friends daughter (little gymnast) was very impressed she could make Nya from the Ninjago movie do the splits over and over again!


The best bit about the movement in the legs is that you can angle the lights in two different directions. Handy if you need to light up two things at once.

Also just like the typical minifigures the head and arms can be removed. The cape on Superman and Batman can also be removed.



A key difference between the standard minifigures and the key lights is the size, see comparison photo below. Having said that the key lights are still small enough to fit in your pocket or hang off your rucksack easily. I’m not sure I would want it on my keys but that would be down to personal preference (I like a very small key set).


LED Lights

The LEGO lights have a small button in the chest to turn the lights on and off.

To be honest the only negative about the key lights is that you cannot keep the light on. Having said that, with my parent hat on it may be better that it doesn’t stay on.

LEGO Key Lights Out & About

My friend and her kids were camping this weekend so we thought it was a perfect opportunity to test out the lights. Her daughter was very impressed with Nya and that the ‘torch bit was really bright‘. Her son was a big fan of the Superman key light who ended up going everywhere including down the slide at the park.

They tested out the lights in the tent at night and were impressed with how bright the light was. The pictures below are taken in the tent at night, the middle one when it was late and completely dark outside.

All the younger kids like to shine the light in their eyes so supervision definitely required for little ones.

LEGO Key Lights at home

The boys loved using the key lights at bedtime and shining them on the walls. We even managed some shadow finger puppets. My eldest loves books and he really enjoyed reading with the key lights.

The boys also enjoyed playing with the figures, especially Batman flying round the house.


The kids really liked these key lights, the product is good quality and I would say great value for money. They are the perfect size and price for birthday presents for LEGO fans.


The Emmet Torch is brilliant especially for LEGO Movie fans.


LEGO® Emmet Torch product details

  • Three x AA batteries (included)
  • 2 LED lights in feet
  • 30 minute battery saving feature
  • Poseable arms
  • Light angling legs
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old
  • Height 20cm, width 12cm
  • SRP: £19.99
  • Age 6+

The Emmet torch has all the same movement ability as the key lights and minifigures but you cannot take off his head or arms like the smaller ones.

The main differences between the torch and keylights is size, the torch is much bigger. Although it is still a lovely size for the kids to play with. Also it does not have a key chain and the torch has an additional switch on the back which allows you to turn the torch on and the lights stay on without you keeping your finger on the chest button.


This makes the torch a brilliant night light, it also switches off after 30 minutes.


My eldest has claimed the Emmet torch for his bedroom, but my youngest happily played with it while his brother was at school. I think we will get good use of this at bedtime as a nightlight. Another great present for LEGO Movie fans.

The products in this review were gifted to me in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. 14th May 2019 / 6:25 am

    We absolutely love these Lego key lights too. Particularly the Star Wars ones.

    • admin
      14th May 2019 / 6:46 am

      The Star Wars ones do look awesome

  2. huntersmum
    20th May 2019 / 2:10 pm

    We’ve got the Batman one!

    • admin
      20th May 2019 / 2:19 pm

      He is great, I love the cape x

    • admin
      2nd June 2019 / 12:32 pm

      The Emmet torch is great working really well as a nightlight.

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