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A quick post today, I know how much I value recommendations so hopefully this will be useful for anyone looking for a new iPad cover.

Even if you have a careful kid at some point they will drop, stand on or throw the iPad. In all fairness they often have no idea how expensive or breakable they are.  Either way I highly recommend getting a case for any tablets you are using.

Things to think about when buying an iPad case

  • Before buying any case / cover you need to make sure it will fit your exact model.  Most iPads /tablets have the model number on the back.  
  • The most common thing that will break on a tablet is the screen so really worth getting a screen protector. This will also protect against scratches.
  • Is your kid a chewer? If they are you may want to avoid the silicon cases as they are very inviting if you like a chew!  Some covers have little rubber bits over the charging station / start button etc which can easily be pulled off. 
  • Even the best cases will not protect against constant throwing / dropping but it is a layer of protection that helps.

Protective cases for your iPad – my recommendations

The first ones we used when the kids were smaller were the cooper cases.  These are great for young children as the handle makes it really easy for them to carry around.  Also really helpful when you need to stand it up as you just fold back the handle.  We found this case good to protect against dropping.

You may need to buy a screen protector separately to the case.

The Poetic turtle skin is a good shockproof silicon option.

This SEYMAC case has a screen protector included, stylus pen holder hand strap and rotating stand that straps over a car seat. It works great for my 7 year old.

This is the one we have with an older model.

The boys both have SEYMAC cases now and I think they are great for kids as they get a bit older.  Not that I would recommend trying it but both our iPads have survived short dips in the bath in the SEYMAC cases.

Do you have a tablet / iPad protector or case you would recommend? Add yours in the comments below.

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