Autism Help for Parents

I’m Jade a 36 year old married mum of two boys (5 & 3) and I provide autism help for parents. We are based in the West Country between Bristol and Bath.  I am a stay at home mum in the day and work at a local supermarket in the evening.

The Autism Page- what is it all about?

At two years old my eldest son was diagnosed with autism. At first it was a bit overwhelming.  I found myself desperately looking for information about autism and speech and language. Since then I have learnt so much about autism, therapies and how to help my son at home.  So stick around as I want to share all that information and experience with you.  I set up The Autism Page to provide autism help for parents of young children #autismawareness #differentnotless

I feel strongly about the benefits of sharing information.  Before I had children I used to work in strategy and information for a government housing agency.  My background is researching and sharing factual information, I am putting those skills to use here.

Information & Resources about Autism

I am sharing practical information on how I have implementing things like PECs (Picture Exchange Communication System) and help to get  through paperwork like the DLA (Disability living Allowance) form and the EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan).

Autism help for parents

My son is non-verbal so I write about speech and language and the different phases of PECs, different therapies or resources we have looked at and tried such as Attention Autism and Social Stories, also sensory activities and messy play which both boys love although I hate cleaning up afterwards.

The first thing I added is a glossary to explain all the acronyms and terms relating to autism in young children as this was my first stumbling block in the world of autism.

My Kids

You may notice that I don’t use my kids name or have many photos of them.  Its a personal choice how much to share online and as they cannot consent, for now I am going to leave out names and faces.  I hope you understand why I have made this choice and sorry for not sharing more about their wonderful personalities.

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