Halia Rose Hex Bracelet Review

Halia Rose Hex Bracelet Review

Halia Rose have kindly sent me a Hex bracelet in exchange for an honest review of the product.

Oral Sensory Needs

Halia Rose produce stylish silicone jewellery and teething accessories. My 5 year old son is no longer teething but he is a sensory chewer. I was really interested to try the Hex bracelet out as my autistic son has a sensory need to chew. We went through a phase where he chewed holes in all his t-shirts.

Thankfully I now have a better understanding of his oral sensory needs, and finding appropriate things he can chew on is really important. This ranges from having chewy food like dried fruit or bagels to using sensory chew aids. We have been using the Hexichew and Toggle board from Chewigem and I was interested to see how the Hex Bracelet from Halia Rose would compare.

Halia Rose Hex Bracelet Review

Halia Rose

In an odd coincidence I saw a friend after I had spoken to Halia Rose, and she was wearing one of their necklaces. Her one year old happily chewing on the necklace as she sat on her mum’s lap. All I could think of was I wish I had had that when mine were little. Such a great idea to have something round your neck they can play with and chew. Plus it looked great.

The next week a parcel arrived with my product, I was very excited to see a lovely shiny silver package looking at me from my doormat. Let’s face it most of my mail is junk mail, bills or reports from various professionals about my son’s needs.

Halia Rose Hex Bracelet Review

I was just expecting it just to be the bracelet inside. I was surprised to find that it comes with a reusable cotton bag to keep it in.

Halia Rose Hex Bracelet Review

Hex Bracelet in Indigo

Halia Rose had sent me the Hex bracelet in Indigo. It comes in a range of colours and I think very reasonably priced at £6.99. The bracelet is made from food grade silicon and has been tested to meet global safety standards. I was really impressed when I found out that the products are made with non toxic materials. They are BPA free with no lead, latex, PVC or Phthalates.

I regularly find that when I need a sensory chew for my son there isn’t one to hand. Having the HEX bracelet means I can just have it on my wrist so it’s always there. This is particularly useful when out and about. The bracelet / bangle is diagonal cut and really doesn’t look out of place on your arm. My son wasn’t keen on wearing it himself but to be honest I am becoming rather fond of it and he is very happy to chew it when he needs to.

Halia Rose HEX Bracelet review

It has been very easy to clean, it is water and heat resistant so dishwasher safe.


Honestly I was worried that my son would break it straight away. This is a boy that bit off his Sophie Girafe teethers head! We have gone through many items that my son has destroyed with his teeth. I was surprised that after a good chew from my son there was no teeth marks, the bracelet looked untouched. We have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it is still in the same condition as the day we received it. So far it is holding up well.

Whilst the products were designed with babies and teething toddlers in mind they do seem to be a great fit for mums with sensory seeking kids. I really like the idea that I can get some new hard wearing jewellery which doubles as a sensory chew aid for my son.

Halia Rose Hex Bracelet review

I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Hex Bracelet from Halia Rose. Personally I think it is excellent value for money.

Thank you very much Halia Rose for introducing me to your jewellery.

Halia Rose Hex Bracelet Review
Halia Rose Hex Bracelet Review
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The Hex Bracelet was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review of the product.  I have used the product and all opinions are my own.


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      27th March 2019 / 10:14 pm

      It has already come in handy today when we were out. It does look great on too!

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