Gravitrax Obstacle Review

Gravitrax Obstacle box

Gravitrax is an interactive marble run where you can design and build your own track. I had seen a Gravitrax set a few years ago but my kids had been to young for it at the time. So I was keen to try it out when a we were very kindly gifted the Gravitrax Starter Set Obstacle by the Good Play Guide .

Gravitrax track

What is included?

There are several different Gravitrax sets including accessories and expansion packs from Ravensburger. The set we have is the Obstacle Starter Set and it incudes the following:

  • Instruction booklet
  • 4 base plates
  • 2 transparent levels
  • 6 balls
  • A launch pad
  • 68 height tiles
  • 20 plastic tracks
  • 1 zip line
  • Over 50 tiles / build components including trampolines, spirals and a magic cannon.

Basically everything you need to gets started and build a few different tracks


Visual Instructions

A huge plus for us is the instructions are completely visual so perfect for my non speaking 8 year old. Many of our kids are really visual thinkers. The fact that the build instructions are all visual makes it much easier for them to follow.

Gravitrax is recommended for age 7+ which I think is appropriate. Whilst my 6 year old enjoyed playing with it once it was built he kept knocking bits over as he was a bit too forceful with it. My 8 year old needed a bit of help with the build at first but then managed well on his own.

STEM Learning

There are so many things this kit is helping with when it comes to learning, from logistical building to kinetic energy. The best bit is it’s really fun and engaging so the kids want to work it out. There is also lot’s of problem solving when sections of the track don’t work together or if something isn’t functioning as it should. It did take us a little while to get to grips with it all but was a really fun process getting there.

What did we think?

Honestly I was so impressed with the Gravitrax set. I am pleased to say there are a variety of tracks you can build with the instructions and they are clearly marked easy to hard. We did start with the easy builds but quickly moved on to the bigger ones and loved using all the different functions.

The boys really liked the magic cannon and I quite liked the trampolines and the zip wire. I can honestly see Gravitrax being something we use for years to come. As the children get more confident with it they began to design their own tracks. My niece loved using her creativity to build it as she wanted.

You can see our track in action over on Instagram.

This set is currently available from Good Play Guide for £79.99. It certainly includes everything you need and can be used over and over again. Everything worked well, it is good quality and well designed.

I would definitely recommend Gravitrax especially if you have visual kids that like building things like LEGO and who enjoy cause and effect toys. I am certain Gravitrax sets and accessories will be on birthday and Christmas lists in our house for the next few years. Gravitrax is available from the Good Play Guide and Amazon.

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