This is a personal blog, I am not an expert and every child is different. I can only share what has worked for us and hope that it is informative and useful to others getting to grips with autism in young children.

I have also learnt with my son that what works one day may not the next. Having a lot of information and things up your sleeves makes a huge difference.  I really want to provide some support for parents and others out there working with autistic children.  As I am not a professional and am only offering advice. I am not responsible for actions taken as a result of information or advice on this site.  Please consult professionals (i.e. GP, Teacher, Health Visitor) you have access to where relevant.

I am only human and may well make mistakes, if this happens please let me know and I will be happy to amend them.  The content of this website is my own opinion and is protected by copyright. No portion of this website may be copied or replicated in any form without the written consent of the website owner.  However I am very happy for you to link to the site. I am also not responsible for the content of websites that I have linked to or that link to this site.

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My Kids

You may notice that I don’t use my kids name or have many photos of them.  It’s a personal choice how much to share online. As they cannot consent, for now I am going to leave out names and faces.  I hope you understand why I have made this choice and sorry for not sharing more about their wonderful personalities.