Twinkl Colour By Numbers Sheets – Review

Lion colour by numbers Twinkl

Colouring in is something that both my boys struggle with. I think one of the reasons for this is they are not sure what colours to use. What is it expected to be and there is an overwhelming choice if its up to them.

I often use Twinkl for resources and have had success with their colouring sheets in the past. So I was happy to help when they got in touch asking me to help spread the word about their colour by number sheets.

To access the sheets you will need a Twinkl account but you can use the free account which I highly recommend for all parents and carers. I love the colour by number sheets because it gives some clarity and structure to help the boys know what is expected. Even better the instructions are clear visually which is always best for us.

There are lots of different free colour by number sheets available from Twinkl. It is easy to choose the sheets you want and print them. Here are some links for you to have a try yourself. Remember you will need to be logged into Twinkl to access them.

Colour by by numbers

I love how clear the sheets are. My 8 year old enjoys choosing out his colours first and putting them next to the key on the sheet. I find both boys are far happier doing colouring when the instructions are clear. I used to think they just didn’t like drawing or colouring but have since realised that they just need a bit more support in how to do it.

You may find that some of the sheets, especially animals call for similar colours. For example the shark was various shades of greys. I mention this because some children may want exact matches with their pens / pencils which is easier with some sheets than others.

I always recommend Twinkl and love the colour by number sheets. In fact I am going to print off some more to keep us busy tomorrow.

The sheets feature in Twinkls ‘Creative and Cool Colour by Numbers’ blog

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  1. 30th January 2023 / 6:35 pm

    Thank you for sharing some ideas for Twinkl resources. We love Twinkl in our house.

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