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Ok so totally stress free mornings isn’t easy with kids but using this daily clothing organiser has made a big difference. Anything that helps the morning run a little more smoothly has to be a good thing right!

The team at Weekly Happy have gifted me their Kids Hanging Storage in exchange for this review. All words and opinions are my own.

Executive functioning issues are common for people on the autistic spectrum. My 7 year old struggles with organising his daily routines without lots of routine and visual supports. Getting ready for school always requires lots of prompting from me so I was keen to try the organiser and give him some more independence in the morning.

Weekly Happy Kids Hanging Storage – Review

It is a wardrobe clothing organiser that is separated into different slots for the days of the week. It was ready to go and just needed hanging up, it also lays flat so can easily be stored when not in use. The organiser is made out of polyester fabric which is reinforced with metal rods and holoplate to make it sturdy.

flat organiser

On the Sunday evening we set it up in my son’s wardrobe and put in his clothes ready for the week ahead. His school uniform in the weekday slots and some other clothes in the weekend section. It does take up about a third of my sons wardrobe (kids size). Having said that it holds a full weeks worth of clothing and organises everything really well.

strong metal hooks to hang from

Demands and choices both tend to trigger anxiety for my son. Having the clothing ready set out in the daily slot takes away the stress of finding the right clothes for him. My son got the concept straight away so we have got on well with it from first use. He has enjoyed the independence of easily selecting his clothing in the morning.

Morning time saver!

It has saved us time in the morning as he doesn’t need prompting to find each item. The clothing is all ready waiting for him in the daily slot. There are also pockets on the side, we used them for socks and pants but would also work for other accessories.

side pockets
side pockets

I really like the bright colours and the clear labels for the days. It will be interesting to see how it works out in the holidays but for school mornings it is brilliant. I can see it being a helpful way to help him learn about organising his clothing for the week ahead too. Also a great visual to support reinforcing what day it is.

A quality product I will certainly keep using with my son. Plus it won’t be long before I need to get another one for his younger brother too! Dimensions of the wardrobe organiser are 30x30x108cm.

You can buy the Weekly Happy Kids Hanging Storage from amazon.

daily clothing organiser
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