Circus Starr the accessible circus

Circus Starr the accessible circus

Back in September we had a trip to the Circus. Circus Starr is an inclusive circus designed for children new to the experience. The relaxed circus is funded by generous donations from local businesses. Tickets are then distributed by local charities and schools. Our tickets were provided through Bristol Autism Support.

Circus Starr Sensory Story

In advance of the show we signed up to get a Circus Starr Sensory Story. The sensory story which was free was sent to us in the post.

The sensory story is designed to help you prepare for the circus. Practising handing over our tickets, getting stickers and eating popcorn whist listening to music. It was a great way to prepare for our visit.

Our Visit to the Circus

I had taken my eldest to Circus Starr when he was in pre-school but this was the first time we have taken my now 7 year old. I was concerned about how he would get on as he struggles with new experiences, noise and crowds. Staff were very relaxed, it always helps when you know you are somewhere where the people around you understand neurodiversity.

My youngest certainly struggled and we needed his headphones. However the relaxed atmosphere allowed him to acclimatize in his own time and by the second half he was laughing and enjoying the show. As for my eldest he was loving it from the minute we got there!

The kids were absolutely fascinated by the acrobats watching people flying through the air is definetly an attention grabber!

The show included a ringmaster, acrobats, a friendly clown, aerial, tightrope walking and foot juggling! There was a half time break allowing for time to walk around outside, go to the toilet without missing the show. They also had a mobile Changing Places toilet available.

I would really recommend Circus Starr a wonderful experience for families. Check out their website to see when they are in your area.

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