How to make a Bubble Snake

How to make a Bubble Snake

A really fun and very easy activity I love is creating a bubble snake. Bubbles are always a winner with my kids and they both love watching the stream of bubbles that comes out of the snake.

Bubble Snake Equipment

What do you need?

How to make a Bubble Snake

First you need to take the cap off the empty plastic bottle. Then cut the bottle 2/3rds of the way down and discard the bottom. Be careful to trim off any sharp edges on the cut bottle.

Cut plastic bottle

Take your sock and place it tightly over the plastic bottle, leaving the mouthpiece uncovered.

Bubble snake bottle

Fill your container with a small layer of bubble mixture solution. Then dip your bottle into the solution.

Dipping bubble snake

Now for the fun part! Blow slowly and steadily into the bottle to form your bubble snake. Stand up when you are doing this and see if you can get your snake to touch the floor!

Bubble Snake

If you are doing this with young kids be mindful they may suck the bottle or breath in rather than blow and end up with a mouthful of bubbles.

Most kids will love watching the snake as it is blown and then playing with the bubbles. This is one of my favourite attention builders used with Attention Autism.

Have fun.

Attention Builders for Attention Autism
Attention Autism bubble snake
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