Design a Safe Backyard: 10 Guides for Parents of Children With Autism


Today we have a guest post from Rob Woods over at Fix it Dads.

If you’re raising a child with autism, you might be concerned that your backyard is not an ideal space for them to play. But there are plenty of things you can do to make it safer — and you can find lots of recommendations for outdoor activities on The Autism Page! We’ve collected some informative resources to help you design a safe, secure backyard.

Essential Safety Tips

Right now, your backyard might pose hazards for your child. These tips will help you eliminate certain safety risks.

  • Construct a privacy fence so that your child can enjoy peace and quiet in your yard.
  • Make sure that your fence includes a secure gate, especially if your child is prone to wandering.
  • Standing water in your yard can be dangerous — this guide will show you how to drain it from your yard.

Choose Fun Features

Once your backyard is safe and secure, you can think outside the box and start setting up outdoor features that your child will love!

  • Different types of sensory swings can help your child feel calm and safe in the backyard.
  • Follow these tips for building a DIY birdhouse — your child might like seeing these visitors in your yard!
  • Put together a sandbox where your child can enjoy hours of quiet playtime.
  • If you need further inspiration, consider adding a few features that could help boost your home’s value.

Enjoying Your Backyard

Short on ideas for outdoor activities? These resources are packed with suggestions!

  • Want to teach your child some interesting outdoor skills? Have a casual backyard campout!
  • Try a few interesting science experiments outside — these can get a bit messy, so the backyard is the perfect place to carry them out!
  • Your child will love spending time in the garden and growing vegetables and herbs.

As the parent of a child with autism, you want your child to be able to enjoy the outdoors. And you don’t have to sacrifice safety to achieve this. With these tips, you can revamp your backyard to make sure the space is both fun and accessible!

Need more guidance for parenting your child with autism? The Autism Page can answer your questions! Check out our website for countless free parenting resources, support, and more.

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