Autistic Pride

Autistic Pride

There is more than one Pride this month: Tuesday 18th June 2019 is Autistic Pride Day.

The purpose of autistic pride day is to celebrate difference and neurodiversity. The pride movement should rightly be led by autistic people but as parents we still want to support and join that celebration. 

I am extremely proud of my kids and want to celebrate them.  For me autistic pride is really important, I need my kids to grow up in a world they can celebrate and be proud of themselves and their neurodiversity.  I love my children and all I want for them in life is to be happy and comfortable with who they are.

My boys are amazing, they are delighted by things I barely notice and they are connected to nature in a way that brings them pure joy at the beach on a sunny day and a thunderous mood on a stormy day. They challenge me to change the way I think and to see the world differently. They are extremely resilient and accepting of everyone regardless of how those people treat them.  I am proud of them for making accommodations to try and fit into a society that is not built for them every day. I love both my children and there is no need to be sorry when I say they are autistic because I am proud of who they are.

I asked some friends ‘why are you celebrating autistic pride day’ here is what they said:

I celebrate how autistic people challenge our society to question why things are the way they are, and to envision how changes can be made so that we can become more inclusive and welcoming of individual differences

Ruth, Bristol Autism Network

My daughter is the most cheerful, easy going, lovely little girl despite her challenges. She has taught herself so much just by following her interests. She has made me a better person. And if it hadn’t been for her, Bristol Autism Support wouldn’t exist! I am a very proud mummy.

Kate, Bristol Autism Support

I am very proud of everyone in the community, autistic of not, who speaks up to educate others to help make the world a better place. And I’m immensely proud of our autistic daughter who has made huge progress despite the challenges of environments which are sensory un-friendly and people who do not fully understand her.

Steph, Steph’s Two Girls
Autistic Pride

I’m so proud of my (non verbal) autistic daughter, who continues to work so hard to navigate a world not built to accommodate her needs. She makes amazing progress in spite of this and does it with smiles and joy.

Sue, A Sprinkle of Spectrum

I’ll be celebrating all the differences in people and their brain types and how great it is the world is full of different people who see things differently to me.  And how it challenges me to change too and be aware of it.

Nick, Bristol Autism Network

I will be celebrating with my kids aged 16 & 10

Michelle, Bristol Autism Network

My eldest is the most charming little boy, he’s cheeky, funny and engaging, he brings a little bit of sunshine into the day of all those he meets, he’s inquisitive and loves to ask endless questions.  My youngest says very little, but when he does everyone who knows him stops to listen, its lovely to see staff at his nursery getting excited when he says one of their names. He has the cutest smile and dimples. Both boys are so affectionate and give the most wonderful cuddles. I celebrate their uniqueness, their charm, I love their humour and quirkiness, their different ways of thinking.  They are genuine, honest and warm. While it’s true that they have many struggles to contend with they are also the sweetest little boys, through the stresses and tears they make my heart swell with love, Joy and pride.  My 5 year old says he likes being Autistic because its fun, bless his heart.

Bristol Autism Network Member

Celebrating Autistic Pride

Back in 2014 Bristol Autism Support celebrated Autistic Pride with a chalk drawing celebration day – you can see the drawings in this video:

There are events happening around the UK detailed on this map.

Back for its 5th year Autistic Pride in Hyde Park was held at the weekend.

Another proud mum celebrating Autistic Pride is AutismMumma in here post: I’m proud to be the Mumma to an autistic daughter.

So Autistic Pride Day is not just a celebration of being autistic and belonging to such a vibrant, beautiful community, but doing so in spite of the messages society sends that we should be ashamed of who we are.

Christa Holmans – Neurodivergent Rebel

Neurodivergent Rebel, Christa Holmans explains more about why Autistic Pride is so important in this post 10 reasons we need autistic pride.

Are you celebrating Autistic Pride? Let me know in the comments.

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