eBook with 23 easy fun activities for attention building

Building Attention

Designed to support young children that struggle with attention and communication. The Building Attention eBook contains tips on getting attention with 23 fun activities. 

Easily print out the short attention grabbing activities to help you prepare and complete them.    Each activity can be completed quickly using household items. Available for just £2.50

Example pages from Building Attention eBook
Example pages from the Building Attention eBook

Lizzie from A Curious Journey shares her thoughts on the eBook –

“This is a great collection of attention-building activities. I love that there are lots of sensory ideas to try. I have two boys with additional needs and one in particular who struggles with concentration. His favourite activity from the book so far is painting with cars but we’re going to try them all! This is going to come in really handy over half term.”

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