What is in your attention bucket this week?

Attention bucket fillers

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It can be really hard to get my kids attention and Attention Autism has been a brilliant tool to help us work on this.  If you don’t know what it is then read my post on Attention Autism first.  For those of you who know what it is, I have pulled together my favourite bucket fillers to give you some ideas.

I’ve got something in my bucket! What will it be?

My attention bucket is actually a children’s plastic storage bin. It is filled with some attention grabbing items such as light up toys, bubbles, balloons and wind-up toys.  Party bag fillers are brilliant for this and I have built up my collection over time.

Bubbles & Balloons

A staple of all attention buckets is bubbles and balloons.

Attention bucket fillers
bubbles and balloons

Wind up toys

Wind up toys are great for a quick attention grabber.

Attention bucket fillers
wind up toys

Noisy things

A great way to gain attention is to use something noisy:

Attention bucket fillers
noisy bucket fillers

Light up toys

Toys that light up are another great attention grabber. A good place to get great light up spinning toys is at fireworks / fairs although they can be pricey.

Attention bucket fillers
light up toys


Movement is a great way to catch someones eye:

Attention bucket fillers
spining bucket fillers

Slime, foam and putty

Attention bucket fillers
Slime, putty and foam bucket fillers

Sensory items can be great and you can offer for the children to take a turn to touch the item.

Squishy things

Some things are irresistible to touch …

Attention bucket fillers
squeezy sensory toys

Things that fly

Kids love to watch something fly, they are often in awe.

Attention bucket fillers
flying bucket fillers


Movement is always great to get attention especially quick movement.

Attention bucket fillers
moving bucket fillers


It is great fun to have a seasonal theme and you can get some great fillers from the supermarkets. I like to stock up when all the holiday novelty items go on sale for the next year.

Attention bucket fillers
seasonal bucket fillers

Movers and Shakers

I don’t have many movers and shakers mostly because they are more expensive and have less impact after the first couple of times with my boys. These are some I can reccommend:

You may also be interested on my post on motivating items and on attention builders.  I would love to hear what your favourite bucket fillers are in the comments.

Attention bucket fillers
Attention Autism bucket full of attention grabbers
Building Attention

My Building Attention eBook might be of interest. It contains tips on getting attention and 23 fun activities. 

It is designed to support young children that struggle with attention and communication.  Each activity can be completed quickly using household items.

Spectrum Sunday
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***This post contains affilliate links, if you purchase from an affiliate link I may recieve a small commission.  This is at no additional cost to you but does support my blog.***


  1. 8th December 2019 / 8:36 pm

    What a FANTASTIC list of ideas Jade, thank you!

    • admin
      8th December 2019 / 9:46 pm

      Thank you xx

  2. 29th December 2019 / 12:40 pm

    Attention buckets are brilliant. We quite often used things that ‘had a go’ so we could share it around and that made turn taking too. Lovely post and thanks for linking to #spectrumsunday

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