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I’m Jade a married mum of two boys (8 & 10) and founder of The Autism Page.  When my eldest son was diagnosed autistic at age 2 it was all a bit overwhelming.  I found myself desperately looking for information. Over the last 8 years I have learnt so much about how to support my kids.  So stick around while I share that information and experience with you here at The Autism Page. 

If you are new to autism it can be a bit overwhelming a good place to start is my neurodiversity post and the recently diagnosed page. If you have a non speaking child my online course may be helpful – ‘Communicating with a non-speaking child‘.

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I found it hard to know what I should look into when my children were diagnosed. There are so many options and this is where The Autism Page Network can help, join us over on Facebook and the group can offer more individual advice to support you.

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